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Le chateau du Bosc


Pour tous renseignements et pour l'organisation de votre séjour, un seul numéro :

05 65 72 03 50


Toulouse Lautrec, brush the cooking

Disabled visitor
Castles and gastronomy
Crafts and local cuisine
Agricultural production Ségala
Between Bastide and sauveté

"Making paths with Jean Boudou"
"Nature day "
Our beautiful villages

Accomodation for groups

Eating and group menus




château du Bosc, enfance de Toulouse Lautrec

château du Bosc, enfance de Toulouse Lautrec

château du Bosc, enfance de Toulouse Lautrec

Auberge d'Hélène


Toulouse-Lautrec, du pinceau aux fourneaux

Toulouse-Lautrec, brush the cooking

10 h.30 : Visit of Chateau du Bosc where Toulouse-Lautrec spent his childhood:

Discover the world of the painter Toulouse Lautrec told by his descendant Nicole Tapié Celeyran sole heiress of the fortress of Bosc since 1966.
From its 1m52, reflecting the same traits as his uncle Henry, Nicole de Celeyran Tapie is a joyous mood, inspiring friendship. Touching, exciting, whimsical desire, sometimes biting but always modest. In the footsteps of Lautrec, we fall under his spell and lovers succumb to the talents of this great painter Epicurean for whom life was a delicacy of taste for good food, painting, dance, and women.

12pm: Lunch at the Inn of Helen

Bosc's Castle at the Auberge d'Hélène Ségala the same campaign in which Lautrec discovered the likes of the earth, the garden, the barnyard, dishes that have the body and mind, and served with the emphasis the language of his country: Occitan ... "Are polishes aquel dròlle, loved the pascada e los farts Nonas"

Menu :

Lautrec at the table "The pleasures of a gourmand in 1880"

Soup "Lo Polit"

The Henry Pascada

Chicken bouquet of grain fields

Vegetable confit key aristocrat

Tarte "The delicacies of Lautrec"

Wine coffee included

14.30: Digestion festive at the inn

The orchestra of "ALUSERPITS" (the wags) takes us into the festive atmosphere of 1890, let slip your shoes on bagpipe tunes, traditional dances and songs or parodies whisper varied ....

Share the world of wild parties of the painter who loves the pleasures of orgasmic dance, dance, heckling, alcohol and women ...

VIDEO : Trailer of the day

Capacity: 20 to 70 people

Visit 3 € / person
Meals 21 € / person
Animation musicale : 100 €
Special prices for this day Toulouse-Lautrec

(Or for a group of 50 people per person € 26)


Ségala Vivant

The Inn of Helen


les Aluserpits

Disabled visitor

Guided tour of Sauveterre Rouergue:

Come discover this 13th century Bastide Royal, ranked among the most beautiful villages in France. Its arcaded square, the collegiate church, the remains of fortifications ..., as many visible witnesses of a rich history.
Duration: 1:30 price: € 3

Restaurant Quinsois (Quins):
Come taste the local flavors of a cuisine around. Enjoy the views offered on the set of Segala "the land of 100 valleys."

Visit the cannery  «La Naucelloise» (Naucelle)
Guided tour of the family business through a video projection, product sampling and a panoramic view of manufacturing. See also the museum of the cannery (model, former manufacturing equipment ...). Gourmet shop.
The tripous is the specialty that has made the reputation of this house.
Duration: 45 minutes free.

Sauveterre et sa place aux arcades

la Naucelloise

Château du Bosc

Auberge d'Hélène

Castle and gastronomy


Visit the Chateau du Bosc ( Camjac):

Family home of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec where he stayed during the summer every year. In this medieval castle richly furnished, Toulouse Lautrec is present in the salons and through a set of posters, lithographs and his first drawings. The visit is provided by a descendant of the painter.
1h at 1:15, adult price: 5 €, children: € 4.

Lunch at the Inn of Helen (Camjac)

In a renovated barn, meals and discover the wild and traditional flavors (on-site nature trail). To rediscover the extraordinary alliance between man, nature and its benefits. Price: 21 €

Castle of Taurines (Centès):

A Taurines, an imposing 13th century building whose construction has evolved over the centuries.Since 1982, a group of volunteers has revived this restored castle with the collaboration of the Companions of duty.
Duration: 1:30

Visit the breeding duck fat, Family Gaubert to Taurines (Centrès).
Edith and Patrick Gaubert welcome you and show you their farming. You will discover their production of duck, foie gras, confit, stuffed necks ... Tastings are scheduled during your visit to the farm.

Duration: 1:15, Free.

Crafts and local cuisine

Visit a traditional breeding duck fat - the Hamlet of Ms. Fraysse Cazes (Sauveterre Rouergue)
Tasting possible. By appointment only.

Duration: 1:15, Free

Lunch at The restaurant "La Grappe d'Or" at Sauveterre Rouergue.
Facing the center of arts and crafts village classified Sauveterre, this restaurant offers traditional cuisine around local produce.

Price: 20 €

Guided tour of Sauveterre Rouergue
Duration: 1:30 Price: € 3

Visit artisan workshops: At the heart of the Bastide Royale Sauveterre, remains a craft whose history is closely linked to the development of the former village. Guided tour of one or more workshops of craftsmen to choose from: cutlery, leather goods, pottery, designer lighting, metalwork, weaving ...


coutellerie de Sauveterre

Veau d'Aveyron et du Ségala Label rouge

Musée des traditions agricoles du Ségala

Agricultural production Ségala


Visit a breeding "Calf Aveyron and Ségala" Red Label : Producers of "Calf Aveyron and Ségala" concerned about the future of their country, wanting to keep their traditional production, have organized to save this heritage. You will discover their passion, their trade, their animals and farms.

Duration: 1 hour, free.

Visit the Museum of agricultural traditions of Segala in Pradinas: The Agricultural Museum of Traditions Ségala traces the different cultures of the region around 1940. 1h, price: € 1.5

Lunch at the Restaurant
La Tourelle de Marie  at Pradinas
L'Auberge de Marie et Bruno at La Salvetat Peyralès


Visit a workshop of pigs and ducks "La Bastide Gourmande" ( La Bastide l'Evèque)

Discovery of the operation and raising pigs and ducks. By appointment only. Tasting possible.

Duration: 1:15, free.


Between Bastide and Sauveté


Guided tour of Rieupeyroux
Rieupeyroux is a former sauveté founded in 1030 by the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martial de Limoges. Visit the ancient village and the church of St. Martial classified historic monument. Access by bus to the site of the chapel of St John Modulance for the panoramic view.

Duration: 1:15,

Lunch at "le Commerce" in Rieupeyroux
This restaurant will share some good times around the kitchen Aveyron in a carefully decorated.
Price: 20 €

Swift's visit to La Bastide Ramonde Bishop.

The Association of swifts Lézert invites you to see the mill working again and share his passion. Hydraulic forging restoration operating through a great human adventure conducted by volunteers from the village.
Duration: 1h to 1h15, price: € 3 (one free for 20 people).

fontaine du Griffoul

Martinet du Lézert

Martinet du Lézert

Jean Boudou et la vallée du Viaur

«Paths by Jean Boudou with...»


Guided tour of the John Boudou Ostal in Crespin (birthplace of the writer)

Opening in May 2010 - Served by staging a modern aesthetics, seeking the imagination as much as instructive, this visit will allow everyone to enter the work of one of the greatest writers of the Occitan language of the twentieth century. Boutique Shop
1h, adult : € 4.5, school and children: 3 €

Free day in the footsteps of John Boudou
Lovers walking can then focus on their activity of choice. 5 marked and signposted routes of varying difficulty and length (4 to 16km) you will continue your discovery of the work of John Boudou.Warning signs are there of interpretation to enhance your walk. Free

Accompanied ride: One speaker will introduce you to the places inhabited by the work of Jean Boudou. Comments, explanations, storytelling or novel extracts ... illustreront les lieux traversés. illustrate the places visited. By reservation only - Duration: depending on the course, fee: 100 € (package)

Day «Nature»


Visit the Animal Park Pradinas: Performance of an extraordinary man and wild animals: bears, wolves and raptors will have no secrets for you. Open from April 1.
Duration: 2:30, price: € 11 adults, children 6€

Restaurant "Le Relais de la Poste" at Prévinquières,

price: 20 €


Restaurant "The Port of Besse" to Salvetat Peyralès
The choice of restaurant will determine the starting point of your hike: Viaur valley or valley of the Aveyron.

Guided hikes and free: Several choices of excursions available to you on Prévinquières or from the port of Besse. A Prévinquières, you can follow in the footsteps of the Maquis Duguesclin. Guided walk: 2 €. At the Port of Besse, several circuits, you will enjoy this wild valley rich in relics testifying to its former activity. Guided walk: 2 € (some hiking and mountain biking are available)

Parc animalier


Character ot our villages

Guided tour of Belcastel:
Belcastel is located in the Aveyron valley. Its castle completely restored thanks to the work of famous architect Fernand Pouillon dominates the church, the old bridge and a set of traditional houses. Classified site "one of the most beautiful villages in France".

Duration: 1:30, visit the village fare: € 2

Visit the home of the Forge: In an old forge, a small museum was set up and will tell you the story of Belcastel through its ancient crafts. Presentation of the trades of blacksmith, shoemaker, fisherman, etc. ... Duration: 45 minutes, Price: € 1.5

Meals at the farm inn "Le Luc Haut" :

This farmhouse overlooking the valley of the Aveyron. Poultry breeding. Price: € 22 (opening March 1)
Visit artisan workshops Sauveterre Rouergue
Royal bastide of the 13th century, is rich Sauveterre craftsmen and artists who will share their expertise.Around its new flagship craft, you can meet people passionate about their work. Visit workshops in small groups by appointment.

Duration: depending on the number of visits selected




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Office de tourisme Pays Segali
Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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