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croustillant au citron

Roquefort pie
Mashed nettle
Cheese soup
Sweetbreads of Aveyron

6 recipes for veal of Ségala


The Roquefort Tart
Recipe of Mr Delmas, Hotel du Commerce in Rieupeyroux 

- Ingredients for 6 persons: 
150g shortcrust pastry 
1 onion, chopped 
80 grams of smoked bacon 
120 g Roquefort (or more) 
6 eggs 
250 grams of milk 
250 gr cream 
1 egg yolk 
- Preparation: 
Roll the dough into a round mold. 
Sweat the onions to skillet and bacon (reserve into a strainer) and leave to cool slightly. 
Put this mixture over the dough with crumbled Roquefort. 
In a bowl, break the eggs, a little pepper (no salt). Stir vigorously. 
Add the milk and cream + egg yolk. 
Stir well, pour over and bake at 160 ° for half an hour. 
Remove from oven, let cool and eat. 

Mashed nettle 
Ms. Cadars recipe, Farmhouse inn of Vialette

- Ingredients: 
Salt and pepper 
- Preparation: 
Picking nettles young and fresh, 
Put them in a pan with a little butter and cook over low heat. 
Place in a blender with salt, pepper, 
Add the cream. 
Mix with some potatoes mashed. 



The tripous

Recipe Charles Savy business "The Naucelloise"

- Preparation: 
Get a belly calf. 
Grate the guts and clean water several. 
Cut the belly into rectangular pieces and align them carefully on a table. 
Cut into smaller pieces large intestines. 
Keep hoses finest. 
Put the pieces of cut hoses (3 or 4 pieces) on rectangles pancettes spread. 
Add a thin layer of ham, salt, pepper and parsley. 
Finally, tripous is rolled and attached to a short length of hose end. 
Garnish the bottom of a pan with onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes and a little dry white wine. 
Simmer over low heat for 6 to 8 hours watching cooking. 
Serve hot with boiled potatoes. 

Cheese soup 
Recipe Charles Savy business "The Naucelloise"

- Preparation: 
Blanch cabbage leaves wild and finish preferably cooked in meat broth (or consumed). 
In an ovenproof bowl, divide tempers of bread in a single layer, sprinkle with grated cheese mixture in which you Laguiole cheese or Cantal cheese also, pour a ladle of broth and some cabbage leaves. 
Operate a second time as the first, that is to say, tempers bread, grated cheese, cabbage and broth, a third time, if your bowl can contain it, and finish the top of the ranking tureen tempers that will make a crust for cooking with cheese that you put on. Sprinkle this layer with oil and cook slowly in the oven. 
- Traditions 
A custom home is that it gives this soup newlyweds in their room. It is then cooked in a pot of room reserved for this purpose and has an eye painted on the bottom. 


Ris de veau de l'Aveyron
© Thuriès Magazine

Sweetbreads of Aveyron, radish and black truffles "ice" 
Recipe Michel Truchon, the Seneschal Restaurant Sauveterre Rouergue

- Ingredients for 4 people: 
4 Sweetbreads (or 500gr), salt, pepper, butter, duck fat, truffle shavings, 1 bunch radishes "ice" (white radish variety of summer), 40 g of broken hazelnuts, 1 truffle ( 50g), 80g aromatic garnish (onions, shallots, carrots), 1.5 liters of duck jus

- Preparation: 
Disgorge the sweetbreads overnight in running water, blanch, sinews, and then press the book for about 12 hours. 
Peel the radish "ice", an English cook, drain and then fry in butter without browning, with broken hazelnuts. 
Cut half of the truffle slices and julienne the rest aside.

- Cooking: 
Color sweetbreads in duck fat, grease, add the vegetables and sweat it all wet with duck jus, season, cook covered for about 20 minutes over high heat.

- Sauce: 
Strain cooking sweetbreads, adjust the seasoning, whisk in the butter, add the truffle shavings.

- Finishing and presentation: 
In a plate, arrange the sweetbreads and radishes "ice."Spoon sauce, julienne and have a slice of truffle.

6 recipes around the Aveyron veal and Ségala Red Label 
Recipe of IRVA (Interprofession Regional Calf Aveyron)

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