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Eglise de Camboulazet

Area: 1,378 ha
Altitude: 617 meters
Population: 314 inhabitants
(2007 estimate: 346)
Mayor: Mr. Jean Bonneviale

Town hall
Fax. 05 65 69 19 01
Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm

adresse City Hall - 12160 Camboulazet
@ E-Mail
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Eglise de Camboulazet


Mayor of the time, Raymond Lacombe is the emblematic character of the village of Camboulazet. Born in 1929 in Noyes, he devoted his life to political and union agriculture. From 1953 to 1955 he directed the JAC at the national level, he then served as general secretary (1984-1986) then Chairman (1986-1992) of the National Federation of Agricultural Operations (FNSEA). Among his slogan: "No Country for True Farming."
On the village square stands a Gothic church built in 1540, with polygonal belfry. At the bottom of a beautiful nest Renaissance choir. The building was restored in 1939.


The division of the longstanding common Camboulazet has created a very unique situation for this village. Indeed, the administrative boundary between two municipalities sharing. Part of the village north of the road from Noyes to Salan depends on the common Baraqueville. The rest of the village is part of the common Camboulazet. The village of Noyes, 2.5 km as the crow flies from the capital of the commune, he was totally isolated. We had to make a hook through Baraqueville 11km to go to Camboulazet Noyes.

A relatively new road was built and put Noyes 4km from Camboulazet.


Viaur gorges, the Nauze and Congorbes. Site of Versailles, at the confluence of the Nauze and Viaur where a picnic area was constructed.

Gorge du Viaur
Croix de la Fabrie


Takes place every year at the feast of Camboulazet trout on the developed site of Versailles.

Around on the town  

Camboulazet: Fountain of 2000
Wayside Cross, Lacombe: beautiful cross of sandstone dating from 1741.
The Fabrie: beautiful rustic cross shale octagonal section.
Beautiful traditional buildings in La Gardie and drowned.

Noyes : La Grange aux fleurs

Fontaine de Camboulazet

Le Ségala

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Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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