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Centres Escalier de Taurines

Area: 3,671 ha
Altitude: 541 meters
Population: 599 inhabitants
(2005 estimate: 559)
Mayor: Mrs. Nadine Vernhes

Town hall
Monday through Friday (except Wednesday): From 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday from 9 to 12

adresse Mairie - 12120 Centrès
www Website
@ E-mail
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Façade du chateau de Taurines

Taurines porte intérieure


History :

Several legends attempt to explain the creation of the modern villages of the Commune. On the site of Miramont, there seems there a town called Sorasis that would have been destroyed by the English.103 people survived the massacre and had founded the village centers (103 in Occitan).
In terms of Taurines, according to legend, the village owes its existence to "a bull that brought to light in the early days of Christianity, a shrine containing the relics of a saint."

This is the place of this discovery was built as a church to which they gave the name Taurines (Taurus).

On the town, the banks Viaur housed many mills as well as glass in the Old Regime as the mills of Ayres, to Valat, to Gargaros, Tayac, Brienne and Fombonne. They produced glass fern.
On the Common Taurines Castle (13th and 16th centuries) were each home to a major exhibition of contemporary art.

Unusual :

In 1928, an American of Margueritte Husse (Hussey Mrs. Pearl) opera singer bought the castle Taurines. She rarely went there and sold it in 1947.

Anecdote :

Au Moulin de l'Herm (private property), the last miller undeclared only willing to grind at night to avoid attracting attention.


Viaur and céor valleys
Forest of Combe Noire

Site of rock de Miramont with viewpoint

Roc de Miramont

Cle de voute Taurines

Taurines salle

A visit

The Castle Taurines : The building of 13 th century, rebuilt in the XV and XVI centuries, served as a farm building until it was purchased by the town in 1981.

It is from there that will be incurred the first restoration work through the will of the members of the association for the animation Castle Taurines. It now offers performances but also a contemporary art exhibition every summer. The association received in 1990, the National Award for volunteer projects. Completely devoid of furniture, the castle has hosted over the years of the companions who have participated in the restoration work.

Thus, it is they who have done again in the same door Renaissance who had left the castle in 1902.Equally remarkable is the realization of a spiral staircase whose keystone is the height of 160 pending parts.

Around on the town

Miramont: Traces of a oppidum was discovered or amphorae and urns as well as the ruins of a fortress that was home to one of the twelve baronies Rouergue.

Taurines: the old gate of the castle is now in the cemetery. It appears on the arms of the family of Caylus.

"Effigy of a bull in the church ceiling by 1850."

Visit a traditional breeding ducks .

Tayac : church of the 19th, with wood paneling, altar and reliquary cross of the 13th century.
Cross of La Pierre Plantée : this cross would signal causing the burial of a Roman general or English. It is similar to cross shale tell Lévézou.

Croix de Ginestet : nice job of carving stone slate on the front of the base, a small niche probably housed a statue has disappeared.

Beautiful homes and outbuildings of 18th and 19th centuries.


Taurines portail

Le Ségala

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