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Colombiès - Quilles de huit

Area: 5,523 ha
Altitude: 700 meters
Population: 984 inhabitants
(2007 estimate: 950)
Mayor: Dominique Barres

Town hall
Monday to Friday
8am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h

adresse City Hall - 12240 Colombiès
@ E-mail
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Championnat de France de quilles


The village of Colombier Colombiès formerly grew on the plateau overlooking the gorges of the Aveyron.At the heart of the village you can admire the beautiful traditional houses, some of which are distinguished by their doors and windows dated XV and XVI centuries. Note that the village was fortified in the 15th century. Beautiful outdoor staircases, courtyards and other enclosed porches give the village a certain character. Neo-Romanesque church built in 1880.
The village was a long time until 2317 he counted dynamic inhabitants in 1895, and 22 flour mills and oil. The municipality has several castles or monastic granges which belonged to the abbey of Loc-Dieu.


Jules Bonhomme (1811-1867) owner of the castle was Périé agronomist and causing the introduction into the region of the use of lime, drainage techniques and the use of new instruments of culture.
Andre Cazals, former mayor of the village farmer and Colombiès the Mazet, was one of the players of the Green Revolution in the countryside of Segala and Aveyron. Over the 50 years he participated in the creation of Centres of Technical Agricultural (AACC) which aimed to disseminate the progress and improve productivity.He conducted the National Federation, and also chaired the Chamber of Agriculture of the Aveyron for 15 years.



Site of New Bridge on the Aveyron
Since Laserre-Lissosse, views over the valley of the Aveyron
In Gulu, point of view of the castle Belcastel.

Vue sur le château de Belcastel

Club de quilles de Colombiès


During the drought of summer 1985, the parish priest of Talespues organized a procession to cause the return of rain.

Insolite Unusual

Like many municipalities in the Segala, the town has are eight bowling club that has many adherents. In 2004, the championships of France of the sport took place there.



Around on the town

Fountain near the church.
Gaujac castle flanked by two round towers crowned by domes slate (private).
Talespuès: presence of a large restored 18th century building (private) and parish church (19th century), a barbarian cemetery was discovered not far in 1953.
Remains of dolmens.
Chateau du Mazet (1759-1760): facade with triangular pediment, corner towers characteristics of the noble houses of Rouergue.
Municipality building dated 1770.
Périé castle (16 and 17th centuries): this is a characteristic building castles Rouergue of the old regime. Like many castles near Belcastel The Périé is a construction-Saunhac Belcastel. The Périé is also the birthplace of Clarissa Manson, whose false statements in the case Fualdes in 1817 led to the deaths of several people accused of the murder of this man (private property).
Stone cross-Lasserre Lissosse of Puech Jory, of Colombiès of Talespuès and Périé.
Cross Gripoulou forged.

Le Ségala

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Office de tourisme Pays Segali
Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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