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La Salvetat - Chapelle de Murat

Area: 5,424 ha
Altitude: 550 meters
Population: 1062 inhabitants
Mayor: Mr. René Miquel

Town hall
Every day from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h

adresse Mairie
12440 La Salvetat Peyralès
@ E-mail
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Grange à Roumégous


Situated between Albi and Rouergue on the road to Carmaux Rieupeyroux, Salvetat is a sauveté could be a creation of the Priory of Rieupeyroux dating from the 12th century. It commanded an area stretching between Najac and Naucelle. A modern church was built late 19th century on the site of a fortified Romanesque church steeple. Some old houses and porch Saint-Antoine are the only vestiges of that era.


The Coulet near Montou: site edges Viaur or stands a cross fingered. It is here that during the Western Schism that divided the Church (1378 -1417), lived Jean Tranier blacksmith and one of the last supporters of Benoit 13, Avignon Pope. All lived in hiding but were eventually captured in 1467 in Mill Soulayrié. Jean Tranier died during the trial but never retract. Her children also were convicted.


Viaur valley, the Lézert, the Liort, the Vergnou, the Jaoul or 50km of river trout. Picturesque roads traverse these valleys.

Bellecombe site along Viaur, the bridge site at the confluence of the Roque Viaur and Vergnou, Roumégous site.

Château de Roumégous

Oratoire de Romette

Port de la Besse

Aire de la Roque


February 3: Pilgrimage to St. Blaise's Church of Montu, followed by pig breeders of Segala. We also implore Saint-Blaise for sore throats. Frequently the first Wednesday of the month.


Around on the town

Pre-Romanesque chapel of Murat , it has the distinction of being decorated with two cross on its roof (single nave and rectangular and trapezoidal bedside), Cross Cemetery in sandstone with shale was octagonal monolith built on base.
Blauzac: iron cross forged dated 1829.
Romette: notre dame church built on the site of a medieval sanctuary, Oratory and carved cross nearby.
Pradials: stone cross.
Pont de la Roque: fortified house with gunboats and square tower near an old mill.
Roumégous: ruins of the Castle Roumégous built on a rocky ridge at the confluence of Vergnou and Jaoul, overlooking the chapel of Murat.
Peyrolles: in the bottom of a wooded ravine near the Liort, you can see the ruins of the Church of St. Vincent, only remnants of Peyrolles Castle and the village disappeared.

Breeding of ducks La Salvetat Péyralès

Le Ségala

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Office de tourisme Pays Segali
Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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