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Chapelle de Rieupeyroux

Area: 5,481 ha
Altitude: 720 meters
Population: 2157 inhabitants
(2004 estimate: 2,054)
Mayor: Mr. Michel Soulie

Town hall
Monday from 8.30am to 12am
Tuesday to Friday from 8H3 to 12h and from 13h30 to 18h
Saturday: 9am to 12pm

adresse Mairie - 12240 Rieupeyroux

www Website
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Eglise Saint Martial

Rieupeyroux vieilles maisons


The origin of Rieupeyroux is subject to various interpretations, for some it means "stony brook" for others it means "lord of Peyrolles." These are the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martial of Limoges, which are responsible for its creation. They built a monastery around which the town was formed and endowed itself with a protective enclosure. Situated on the Continental Divide that separates the watersheds Viaur and Aveyron, Rieupeyroux has developed on the route of the old road to Lescalopier steward. The Village of Rieupeyroux took advantage of changes in agriculture of Upper Segala. City of potato during the 60s, its economy has diversified and the timber industry developed there about companies that specialize in rustic furniture, carpentry, wooden chalets and doors and windows. Rieupeyroux in the old one can still admire the old houses at Stud. The place is decorated with the gitat covered or stood markets and fairs.The church of Saint-Martial , whose work began in 1031 and was revived in 1253, retains some Romanesque walls of the original building.

Guided tour of the village's summer calendar visits

Anecdote - Unusual

In the church is exposed shoulder blade of the giant Samson could be that of a gigantic and mysterious animal.


Source of Liort and Jaoul.
Two bodies of water (fishing).
Panorama of the Pyrenees and the Cantal from the chapel of St. John Modulance to 804 meters or a viewpoint allows the interpretation of the landscape .


Veneration of the relics of Saint Martial preserved in the church of Rieupeyroux for healing of impetigo and eczema in children. The fountain of Saint-Martial, whose water is ferruginous virtues would treat skin diseases.
Monthly fair on the third Wednesday of the month.

Porte rue de la mairie

Etang de Rieupeyroux


The "rissole" fat or stuffed with prunes is a specialty of Rieupeyroux that once tasted Shrove Monday at the "fair to rissole" which drew large crowds. They are prepared with the pastry, topped with pork, cut into pieces and placed in a pan. They are in rissoles stuffed with dried plums.

Around on the town

Rieupeyroux: Fountains of Griffoul, The Virgin and Saint-Martial.
Rabjac: old houses, circular basin, laundry trough and two-seater.
Nègrefoyt: old houses with wells, barn and granary dated 1799 on pillars.

Le Ségala

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Office de tourisme Pays Segali
Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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