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Sauveterre - Place aux Arcades

Area: 2,343 ha
Altitude: 466 meters
Population: 832 inhabitants
(2004 estimate: 811)
Mayor: Mr. René Mouysset

Town hall
Every day from 9am to 12pm


adresse Mairie
Place aux Arcades
12800 Sauveterre de Rouergue
@ E-mail
» The tourist office
» Services and shops

Sauveterre - vue aérienne

Couteaux de Sauveterre


Ranked "among the most beautiful villages in France", the royal bastide Sauveterre knows how to conquer the visitor in search of beauty, serenity and authenticity. Off the beaten track, the medieval city founded in 1281 by William de Vienne and Macon, representative of Philip III the Bold, holds many secrets.
The 47 arches of its central square, the streets of its neighborhoods checkerboard, its walls, carved doors, its wooden-framed houses illustrated reliefs will tell you the history of the site for several hundred years and yet alive! » OT Sauveterre "OT Sauveterre


Aire de loisirs de la Gazonne , vallée du Lézert. Recreation area of ??Gazonne, Lézert Valley.

Tradition : Day St Kitts - Buffatière

"The men in her nightgown to follow in single file armed with a fireplace bellows, blowing each in the back of his predecessor in singing. Ils forment ainsi une sorte de farandole grotesque. They form a kind of grotesque medley. This theme of "Soufflaculs" belongs to the carnival ritual in reverse. Indeed, tradition has it that the soul, laden with the sins accumulated throughout his life, escaping at the time of death, not by mouth but through the anus. We therefore used the bellows to suck the soul and dirty. To enhance the comic effect of the inversion of reality, the bellows is used here in contrast to its normal use: it blows instead of sucking. »

Maisons de Sauveterre

Escalier de la mairie

Croix de Sauveterre

Sauveterre - sculpture


. "Sauveterre is known for its specialty "les échaudés". Not since the Arab invasion to find its origin in the need for preservation of food in times of raids.The name comes from the manufacturing process. This is a very hard dough, kneaded in a kneading machine which is more like a crusher. This dough is then folded into a small knots that are scalded in a tub of water. They rise to the surface, that is to say when they are sufficiently "scalded", they are dried. Once drying was done in the open street, to the delight of children who came to steal quietly. Once dry, they went in the oven. » Sauveterre 2000.


A visit to Sauveterre Rouergue

» traditional aging duck
» Visit to a metal workshop
» Visit to a cutlery
» workshop of the unicorn
» Visit to a leather
» Craftsman

Around on the town

Many chestnut drying throughout the municipality.
Noble house and the Garcias Aumont (Estates).
Castelnau noble house and castle keep.
Cross the old cemetery.
Cross the Mérette.
Work to shoe.
Ruins of the Mill Montilhar.
Bridge Bouscaillou.
Jouels Church: reredos

Le Ségala

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Office de tourisme Pays Segali
Place Jean Boudou 12800 Naucelle
Tél.:05 65 67 16 42
Courriel : o.t.naucellois@orange.fr
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